Speed Dating – Is it a quick fix ?

In an age of instant gratification is it possible that we could apply the same principals to romantic relationships? Speed dating is popular right across the country with events being held in bars and trendy venues in every town and city but is it the right dating tactic for you ?

1.When you arrive at the venue you will be given a badge with your name and number on it and a small notepad on which to jot down the matches you are interested in getting to know better. There will be so many people you couldn’t possibly remember them all so it is important that you make a note of their number even if you aren’t 100% sure.

2.There will be tables for two set up around the room and at each one you will meet someone new and have three or four minutes to chat with them. This is based on the principal that we make a judgement about whether we like someone or not in those vital first minutes.

3.You will have the chance to ask questions and reply to a few yourself but there really won’t be time to get to know a person so keep your questions and answers upbeat, light, fun and a bit unusual if you want to be memorable.

4.After the allotted time is up a bell or buzzer will sound and you will get a new ‘date’. Sometimes everyone moves, sometimes just the men or women. The rules vary from one venue to another and will be explained to you upon arrival. The process continues until you have met all the other daters.

5.When you get home you can log onto the speed dating website and tick the dates you liked. If they liked you too then the organizers will put you in touch with each other usually by giving email addresses.

As with any aspect of dating it is important that you relax, be natural and have fun with speed dating. If you don’t get any matches try not to be disheartened- it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you.

If you are matched with someone then remember that even though you have met them for a few minutes they are still as much of a stranger as someone you meet online so you should follow all the normal safety procedures like telling someone where you are going and meeting in a public place.